Montmorency South Primary School

Buena Vista Drive, Montmorency


New school development on an existing suburban site

12 flexible-learning classrooms, with access to collaboration, quiet and breakout spaces

Multipurpose studio for S.T.E.A.M. learning

Central library

Administration area including school entrance, office and staff working space

Amphitheatre, playing field, external play areas, landscaping and car parking 


Completed 2019


2,368M 2


Nathan Marshall


The new Montmorency South Primary School delivers modern and flexible learning that is respectful to the local environment and existing operations.  

Set on a tight and sloping parcel of land within the legacy school’s boundaries, the two-storey construction maximised use of available space to offer the best opportunities for interconnected learning and flexibility. 

Flexible classroom clusters offer a variety of open plan, dyad or enclosed configurations, with adaptable ancillary space that allow for presentations, small group study, inter-class collaboration, and outdoor learning.  

With the school’s nature reserve home to the indigenous Copper Butterfly, its orange triangle wing was interpreted as a design motif. Colour and shape became a key tool to defining spaces - highlighting entrances, withdrawal and presentation areas. 

The new modernised building provides open, light and adaptable spaces for the school community, fostering collaboration and inclusive learning. 





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