Founder | Director
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As a founding partner and director, Austin has been the source of leadership in the design, documentation, and delivery of the practices' major projects. He has a strategic approach to residential, commercial, interior and healthcare developments which ensures consistently positive project outcomes.

+61 2 7209 2838

Toan continually seeks to question design norms and conventional planning paradigm, and with a strong commitment to architectural integrity and environmental sustainability, he and the practice have been able to navigate the challenges of the contemporary architectural environment to deliver design excellence.

Design Principal Melbourne
Head of Education Projects
+61 3 7018 2189

Nathan has over 15 years of experience in educational projects with further background in residential, community and commercial projects. Nathan’s passion is for creating exemplary educational facilities with a long history of delivering education projects, acting as project team leader, with particular interest and expertise in all aspects of architecture from conception to delivery.

+61 3 7018 2197

Eriks has over 30 years of experience working with some of Melbourne's highest profile firms on a wide variety of projects. Eriks has focused on delivering education projects, acting as project team leader, with particular expertise in design development, contract documentation, coordination of the consultant team, specification writing, tendering and contract administration.


+61 3 7018 2196

Andrew has more than 30 years of experience in all facets of architecture, including residential, commercial and educational projects. He is now specialised in Education projects, mostly for the Victorian Department of Education & Training, and the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA)

Associate - Head of Interior Architecture

Chloe is a highly versatile, ambitious and conscientious interior designer with excellent design sensibilities and great dedication to the highest standards of architectural design. With 8+ years experience in interior architecture in a variety of projects including educational & commercial, she has extensive knowledge and insight into interior spaces and their occupants.

+61 2 7209 2837

Amândio Castanheira studied architecture from the University of Pretoria and graduated with a Master’s Degree with honours ’cum Laude’. Amândio is an accomplished Senior Architect and Project Manager with 25 years experience. As a multiple award-winning Architect, Amândio's core expertise is in commercially driven design practice, specialising in Corporate and Brand Identity Architecture in the Retail Sector. Amândio's other passion involves community work such as child care centres, schools, healthcare and aged care facilities for which he has received various community awards and recognition for.

Head of Urban Design

Riki is a South African born architect and urban designer with 10 years’ experience in both fields. She draws on both disciplines to navigate architectural and urban solutions. She has worked on a variety of projects, from framework plans through to architectural projects. She has a keen eye for design and aims to achieve the best solution for the specific project at hand.

Project Coordinator

With 5 + years’ experience across the commercial, health and education sectors, Simon has developed a keen eye for how the design of a space has great influence in the behavior of the end user. His technical knowledge of all aspects of a building enables him to push the envelope for a well thought out plan.


Project Staff

Kaylyne completed a Bachelor of Environments (majoring in Architecture) and a Master of Architecture from The University of Melbourne. She has a passion for colours and textures, and how they influence the atmosphere and human behaviour. She also holds great interest in creating illustrations and renders.

Project Staff

Xiaoyi has a passion for human interaction and user experience in architecture, with particular interest in the use of colour and texture. She has assisted in a broad range of work from concept to handover. Xiaoyi holds a master of architecture (Monash Univerisity, Australia) and bachelor of architecture (Tianjin Chengjian University, China).

Project Staff

Daniela is a recent MArch Graduate from Monash University who enjoys storytelling through digital visualisations. She is interested in sustainability and believes architecture has a key role in shaping our future cities and lifestyles. She hails from a family of artists and believes that there is no better way to tell a story, or convey a design, than through a thoughtful image.

Project Coordinator

Long’s background is an engineer but one thing believed in is “Architectural should be and must be accessible to everyone and every-life” by the most sustainable, innovative, and humanity way.

Project Coordinator

Hien believes that, when people are learning, they are growing. She always tries to develop the ability to relate things and to accumulate experience. She strives to create fresh, creative and high-quality functional work.

Project Coordinator

Lam always strives to speed up the workflow of the team members. Fresh and creative ideas are the principles of Lam's practice. Lam's combined skills in architecture and engineer enable him to ensure that high-quality functional solutions are delivered on time and within budget.

Project Staff

Since Hai was a child, Hai has had a special love for architecture. Hai always learns to practice, cultivate himself and often finds new methods at work. His passion for work is to do thing differently and set recording achievements in career path. "I am a calculated risk-taker who always wants to try and explore new things".

BIM Manager

Phat always discovers and learns new things about architecture, working skills in order to implement breakthrough work methods to speed up work to save working time. His working guideline: Time is money.

Project Staff

Ha has been with architecture for 2 years since graduating from university. She has always enjoyed the connection between nature - architecture - people, in which architecture is a treasure trove of knowledge that requires people to cultivate for a long time. And she is trying to accumulate them for herself every day

Project Staff

Phuc has a passion for numbers and nature. From what is inherent in nature, all the ideas arise from there. Atlas' three years of experience has contributed to improving Bim Revit skills and exposure to many buildings in Australia, Dubai and China. His view is that architecture is associated with numbers and correlates with nature, with landscape and with people.

Project Staff

Trang recently graduated from Ton Duc Thang University, majoring in Architecture. Although she does not have much experience, she always tries to learn from everyone to be able to create value for the best work. She enjoys working teamwork and is eager to help out with her colleagues

Project Staff

Thoa likes the "Exquisite, rich" in Architecture. Knowledge and experience will be the key to helping her perfect and feel what Architecture brings. The game between geometry and nature is a fascinating combination so she wants to join this game.

Project Staff

Music is the art of arranging silences. Architecture is the art of arranging spaces. Hang is a person who has had a passion for design since childhood and that passion is still burning in her. She will spend the rest of her time learning and gaining more knowledge in this architectural field.

Project Staff

Kieu has participated in Architecture projects in Vietnam, Japan, and now Australia. Architecture has distinct characteristics for each period, each culture is different. Architecture is still inheriting and developing, so she has also continued to study the architecture of the past, present, and future.

Marketing Staff

Hanh helps to empower individuals and organizations to accelerate digital marketing capabilities in awareness and revenue opportunities. Hanh has experience in marketing, social media and design development. She holds an academic background with a degree in Business (M.Econ) focused on Business Administration and Management from the University of Economics.


Tiên serves as the face of the company on HCMC office, offering friendly service to those entering the office or calling in on the phone and accepting deliveries and mail, organizing them. She also assists new applicants who come into the building to apply for positions, including providing them with any reference material they may need. She can work efficiently in a team or independently.


Ngoc serves as HR officer and Accountant for HCMC Brand. Focus areas and core functions of the department include benefits, compensation management, payroll administration, recruitment and staffing management, organizational and employee development. She controls cost, corporate cash flow in the budgeting process.


For over 40 years, John Patrick has provided expert knowledge and advice, well beyond the realms of traditional architectural services to the Department of Education, Independent Schools, and Catholic Schools. He has completed hundreds of primary schools, secondary colleges, and private school projects.


Tom has over 40 years of experience in the design of a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings, aged care and healthcare projects, industrial developments, hotels and interiors in Australia, Asia and Europe. Tom holds post-graduate qualifications in architectural conservation.