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BTO was intended as a small temporary office intended to be used for an interim period of 5 years before the client establish a more permanent office elsewhere. Right from the beginning, the project had always had an emphasis on the spirit of low-cost construction, minimal impact on the existing landscape and a sustainable construction lifecycle philosophy. The brief was to maximise the reuse of existing material from the old office, including furniture, light fixtures, plants and equipment and particularly existing containers that were no longer needed for the client's operations.

The building employs a suite of passive thermal design elements that work both in providing thermal comfort in a relatively hostile humid tropic climate and positively add to the existing landscape which was not very accommodating at the time. The building provides a naturally modulated microclimate oasis as a respite for the office occupants, with the objective to reduce energy consumption and improve a stress-relieving environment. The choice of materials was also carefully selected to allow for later relocation, reuse and recycling when the building reaches the end of its intended use.







Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong City, Vietnam