Greater Song Cau Development Plan


Regional Master Plan


Song Cau, Vietnam


Greenhill Corporation


Tasked by Green Hill Corporation, VTAS and our partner OMGEVING were proud to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for Song Cau. Our teams extensive international expertise in urban planning coupled with an intimate knowledge of the Vietnamese context, our team was driven to advocate for sustainable regional futures.


Green Hill Corporation


Vision and mission.

Song Cau, an ‘untouched’ gem, brims with cultural richness and history due to its coastal heritage. Our mission was to devise a sustainable development trajectory for Song Cau by 2045, incorporating the unique regional identity and the aspirations of its people into a comprehensive and adaptable Master Plan.

The Master Plan’s formulation is chronicled in five chapters. It begins with a reflection on historical context to tackle current challenges, followed by a portrayal of the envisioned ‘Greater Song Cau’. The third chapter delineates four pivotal development strategies encompassing ecology, urbanisation, transport, and economy, which are key to realising the vision. Successive chapters then outline strategic imperatives and conclude with a summary of the vision report.


Balancing urban development with ecological restoration.

A significant challenge of the Song Cau Master plan was to balance the need for increased development to support economic activities, with the need to restore ecologicaly fragile wetlands which have been degraded over time.

The master plan proposed reinforcing Song Cau’s urban centre with mixed use activities, administrative functions, and commercial activities, while adding new green public spaces and social infrastructure, such as educational, cultural and medical facilities.

To reinforce the open space system, riverbanks will be
protected and celebrated. Moreover, a central wetland
park will be created, increasing urban resilience.
Waterfront public spaces for community activities will

The vision includes the upgrading and forming of the eco
township, characterised by the landscape of Cu Mong bay
and existing wetland axis. The wetland will be preserved, to increase land resilience to flood risk, creating a natural framework and open space system. 

Medium density garden housing is proposed with more public amenities and services for tourism along the shore. 
Flexible embankment treatments, adapted to existing
conditions and preserving natural features where possible are encouraged to increase urban resilience.

Engagement, implementation and sustainable development.

We envision Song Cau as a paragon of sustainable development, boasting a harmonious ecological network and a vibrant economy, becoming a haven of eco-friendly living in Vietnam. The plan is not merely a blueprint but a commitment to stewardship for future generations.

The transition to a brighter future for Song Cau is a participatory journey. Engaging with the community, we aimed to catalyse urban transformation through phased actions supported by a robust and forward-thinking spatial policy.