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Our mission

Space for Experience.

Our passion for education design is fueled by our commitment to creating spaces that empower learners, foster intellectual curiosity, and encourage innovation. 

Modern, adaptable, and inclusive learning spaces.

Montmorency South Primary School was an exciting opportunity to create a space that is not only functional but also enriching for everyone involved. The two-story building provides… (read more)

Educational & recreational community precinct.

Western Heights College & Vines Road Community Precinct is an educational, cultural and recreational community hub based on an international model. The Vines Road precinct is regarded as one of the most successful… (read more)

Creating a unified precinct that expands on existing assets.

Located in a Melbourne’s multicultural outer west, VUSC the new VUSC campus emphasizes community involvement and aims to create a vibrant, supportive environment for students and teachers alike… (read more)


Education projects designed and delivered

25+ Years

Over 25 years experience in education and government project design and delivery.



Our Project Team is uniquely dedicated to the  co-design process

ISO 9001

Quality Management Certified and officially registered ISO9001:2015

"My passion for education design is fueled by a commitment to creating spaces that empower learners, foster intellectual curiosity, and encourage innovation"
Nathan Marshall
Head of Education

100+ Schools

but who’s counting?

With a specialised team that have completed more than 100 successful education projects, VTAS is dedicated to bringing a highly personalised and conscientious approach to every project. We design education spaces that are not only functional and beautiful, but also empowering and meaningful for the students, teachers and community who use them.

Our mission


creative and analytical, by design.

Our mission is to tread lightly on the planet and champion building practices that uphold the principles of economic, environmental and equitable responsibility. We strive to curtail construction waste by fine-tuning our designs and scrutinizing every project brief for optimal efficiency. Our methodical interrogation of every brief, searches for efficiencies that reduce building volume producing better, greener, more considered outcomes, that also translate into cost savings for our clients.


We really are all in this together.

Empowering our clients along the journey is at the core of how we operate. As proponents of co-design, our methodology is highly communicative, ensuring clients and stakeholders are brought along for the journey. Our dedicated team of leading education designers work with you to weave social and environmental responsibility into the fabric of our designs. By working together, we sculpt spaces that minimise environmental impact, nurture the human spirit, and foster greater human connections.