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Our mission

Our tenets.

VTAS is an architectural, urban, landscape and interior design studio with over 25 years experience in project design and delivery. Based across Australia and Vietnam, VTAS brings a highly personalised and conscientious approach to complex projects. We design spaces that are not only functional and beautiful, but also empowering and meaningful for the people who use them.

Our spaces are underpinned by our 5 tenets:

What we do.

Master planning is a complex process that involves many stakeholders and can take years to implement. Our approach is community-driven, well researched, and socially responsible. We develop tailored visions and strategies that respond to the community’s aspirations, incorporating innovative, economically and environmentally responsible solutions. Master planning is not just about designing buildings or spaces, but about creating a vision for the future of our communities.

VTAS begin every project with an understanding of the macro environment. Spaces that harmonize with their surroundings foster a sense of place and strengthen the social fabric of the community. Our urban designers and planners are inspired by the challenges of reinventing the world’s cities for the 21st century – one Master Plan at a time.

Our approach to landscape architecture is centered around creating meaningful connections between interior and exterior – between people and their surroundings. We believe that the design of landscaped spaces should enhance the natural environment and permeate the built environment. We take a collaborative approach, working closely with our architecture, urban and interior studios, creating blended solutions that promote healthy and active lifestyles, while also respecting the local ecology and cultural heritage of the site.

Our emphasis on people-centred design is reflective in our outcomes. Our understanding of user and client requirements inspires creative thinking for new ways to design and occupy spaces bespoke to its users.

Our team of interior designers create space that promote well-being, productivity, and social interaction. Designing spaces for learning, labouring and living.. Environments that cater to every chapter of life, the school you go to, the space you work and the place you come home to.

We harness the power of AI algorithms and building information modeling to analyse data and make design suggestions based on parameters like building orientation, material selection, and structural design. Our advanced technology utilisation allows us to deliver more accurate, efficient, collaborative, cost-effective, and sustainable building designs.

With a 25-year history in project management, our approach is seasoned with extensive experience and expertise. This long-standing journey has honed our skills in effective communication, meticulous budget and time management, strategic resource allocation, and rigorous quality control. These key ingredients ensure that our projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.

Our projects.

Meaningful spaces for all life’s stages – learning, labouring and living.



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Our partners.

Our culture.

Education is one of our key pillars, and we practice what we preach.

Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword for us – it's the foundation of our philosophy. We designing and deliver spaces that empower everyone, that’s why it’s important that our team is made up of everyone. Employing a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, genders, orientations and abilities provides us with the widest lens from which to understand, and the strongest platform from which to design.

Transparency forms the bedrock of our relationships with clients, communities, and each other. We are committed to open communication, sharing both our successes and our challenges. This ensures that our processes are understandable and accessible, fostering trust and clarity at every project stage. With us, what you see is what you get.

We believe the best solutions arise from collective insights. Our studio thrives on teamwork, pulling together the unique skills and experiences of each member. Beyond our walls, we actively seek partnerships with stakeholders, communities, and clients. This collaborative spirit ensures that every design is richer, well-informed, and deeply connected to the people it serves.

We understand that work, life, families, sport and study don’t always fit into a consistent calendar so we offer our team flexible working arrangements. Each team members hours are negotiated around their unique commitments. Beyond our walls, we actively seek partnerships with stakeholders, communities, and clients. This collaborative spirit ensures that every design is richer, well-informed, and deeply connected to the people it serves.

Empowerment drives our actions and decisions. We empower our team by providing opportunities for growth, learning, and leadership. In addition to standard industry CPD allowances, every employee is given a generous research budget to spend pursuing their unique strengths and deepening our teams expertise. We create time for our team to publish blog posts and magazine articles, as well as partner with universities to prototype and deepen our research in areas such as modular design, AI, colour psychology and more.