La Vue Eco Housing

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Norwest, New South Wales, Australia

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Hopefluent Australia


The Windsor Road Eco Housing development is dedicated to creating sustainable housing that harmonises space and the environment. The design strives to provide comfortable, energy-efficient living spaces with minimal ecological impact for diverse communities.


Hopefluent Australia

Harmonising Space and the Environment .

The design approach leverages the natural slope of the site for passive solar benefits, maximising natural lighting, views, and heating. This reduces reliance on artificial lighting and heating systems to conserve energy. By optimising building orientation and site design, heat gain and loss is minimised, making the homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Water management uses the site’s natural slope to collect and reuse rainwater runoff, reducing the load on stormwater systems while pervious hard surfaces, such as permeable paving and concrete, allow for greater rainwater infiltration. Sustainable landscaping practises such as using native plants, drip irrigation, and permeable surfaces all contribute to reduced water consumption and runoff.

Waster and Water Management.

The design promotes waste diversion through communal composting programmes, empowering residents to engage in sustainable living practises and contribute to a greener community. This approach diverts organic waste from landfills and minimises greenhouse gas emissions from decomposition.

Building materials were carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. By using recycled and low-impact materials like FSC-certified timber, reconstituted timber, and minimal composites, we support a circular economy and reduce our ecological footprint.

Creating Healthy and Comfortable Living Spaces.

Natural ventilation and thermal mass are prioritised in our designs to create healthy and comfortable living spaces. Features like operable windows and vents promote healthy indoor air quality and reduce reliance on mechanical ventilation. Strategic use of thermal mass in building design helps regulate indoor temperatures throughout the year, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort for occupants.

By thoughtfully integrating these design principles and practises, Windsor Road sets the scene for responsible housing projects that respects the environment and provide comfortable, efficient living spaces for diverse communities. Our commitment to connecting space and the environment lays the foundation for a more resilient and sustainable future.