Western Heights Educational & Recreational Community Precinct

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Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

Project value:



Lyons Constructions

Integration of community & learning.

Western Heights College & Vines Road Community Precinct is an educational, cultural and recreational community precinct. The project was a consolidation of multiple school campuses and community facilities onto a single site. Based on a successful international model, the integration and cohabitation of community facilities with the secondary schools provides access and connection for the whole community to high quality shared facilities.

Community Engagement.

In the process of designing the Vines Road Community Centre and integrating it with the Western Heights College school campus, we gained valuable insights into the significance of community engagement and the imperative of fostering a connection between the past and the future. Our experience illuminated the paramount importance of guiding the community through the transition from the familiar old community center to the visionary new development. We recognized that change can be met with skepticism and nostalgia, making it essential to transparently communicate the reasons behind the transformation and the benefits it would yield for everyone involved.

Mutual advantages.

Our approach aimed to bridge the gap between the traditional essence of the original center and the promising opportunities of the modern school campus. By emphasizing the enhanced collaboration and shared resources between the Community Centre and the school, we instilled a sense of unity and progress that would not only maintain the community’s connection to the site but also amplify the benefits for both the residents and the educational institution. This project taught us that by cultivating a deeper engagement and elucidating the mutual advantages, we could successfully build a bridge between the cherished past and a future brimming with shared growth and collective well-being.